Friday, July 25, 2008

Creative Bube Tube produces brand new on-line video for J.E.T. Solutions

Tom Cruise thrilled viewers in Top Gun. Harrison Ford saved the day in Air Force One. Leonardo DiCaprio earned rave reviews in The Aviator. And Creative Bube Tube is making their mark, shooting the newest J.E.T. Solutions video. Creative Bube Tube, a commercial and video production company recently produced the video for Greg Marlo from J.E.T Solutions. Greg is in the aircraft sales, charter, and private aircraft management business. Greg is an Aviation Consultant; and covers all services in flight operations tailoring to his clients every need.
Creative Bube Tube’s President a Jenny Munford has been working with Jet Solutions for months, honing the perfect script for Jet Set’s first-ever video production. The video shoot took place in the Toronto Pearson International Airport. “We are so excited that this is happening,” Munford said. “This video is going to be very cutting-edge and very fun to shoot. We’ll have our cameras set up in the hanger, and on the runway. Even in the planes! The shot list for this shoot is intense, but we’re ready for it.” Jet Solutions hired the team at Creative Bube Tube to also do some website design and create an effective marketing Campaign for J.E.T. Solutions.

The Luxurious Jets of Jet Solutions and their services are online now! For your viewing pleasure you can go to to find out more, and view their brand new promotional video. You can always call Jet Solutions at 416-907-9046 to find out more information and to speak to Greg one on one.
Creative Bube Tube’s summer calendar continues to fill up at high speed. And with a client like Jet Solutions onboard for a substantial marketing campaign, one thing’s for sure: the team at Creative Bube Tube will continue to live life in the fast lane. Pun intended.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

How much does a TV advertising campaign cost?

Many entrepreneurs assume television is incredibly expensive and therefore don't even bother to consider it. The reality is that investigating a little bit into T.V. advertising usually debunks the high cost myth. Advertising on television may be more economical than you might think.
While advertising on prime time network television or doing a once a year Super Bowl commercial may be prohibitively, there are affordable, effective on-air alternatives and strategies and businesses and organizations would do well to consider to them.
Mention television, and immediately people think big-company advertising budgets. The growth of cable and regional TV, however, has afforded small businesses advertising opportunities just like the big guys; Look how cable stations have popped up everywhere over the past few years - all these channels need advertising revenue to remain on the air. As a result of the increased competitiveness in this arena, many stations are offering very affordable rate packages, within easy reach for small businesses and organizations.
TV advertising is powerful: A great ad well executed, will result in many celebrations paid for by the newly found profits; Products, services and businesses gain instant credibility if they advertise on television. "As seen on TV" puts you in the big leagues in the eyes of your prospects and customers.
TV advertising works, it is affordable, it shouldn't be intimidating, and could be just what the doctor ordered for marketing your products and services.
If you would like more information about broadcast and video productions, please contact Jenny Munford – Executive Producer at Creative Bube Tube.
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