Thursday, January 24, 2008

How much does a TV advertising campaign cost?

Many entrepreneurs assume television is incredibly expensive and therefore don't even bother to consider it. The reality is that investigating a little bit into T.V. advertising usually debunks the high cost myth. Advertising on television may be more economical than you might think.
While advertising on prime time network television or doing a once a year Super Bowl commercial may be prohibitively, there are affordable, effective on-air alternatives and strategies and businesses and organizations would do well to consider to them.
Mention television, and immediately people think big-company advertising budgets. The growth of cable and regional TV, however, has afforded small businesses advertising opportunities just like the big guys; Look how cable stations have popped up everywhere over the past few years - all these channels need advertising revenue to remain on the air. As a result of the increased competitiveness in this arena, many stations are offering very affordable rate packages, within easy reach for small businesses and organizations.
TV advertising is powerful: A great ad well executed, will result in many celebrations paid for by the newly found profits; Products, services and businesses gain instant credibility if they advertise on television. "As seen on TV" puts you in the big leagues in the eyes of your prospects and customers.
TV advertising works, it is affordable, it shouldn't be intimidating, and could be just what the doctor ordered for marketing your products and services.
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